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Relax Massage


1 hr. 20 min


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A Bit About
The Service

Coconut is highly valued for a number of reasons. Its white pulp and its refreshing liquid it contains (called coconut milk) constitutes a great food, while its rind is used in the making of tools such as tableware, ornaments, etc. However, the benefits of coconut go further. In Thailand, a body technique has been created, very well spread in Brazil and extended to all of South America, called cocotherapy. This consists of myo-stimulating surrounding massage sessions in which coconuts and their oil are used.


The procedure includes a deep massage on the joints and muscles to eliminate tension, a very energetic, de-stressing and hypertonic treatment with which the person will feel a relaxation and rest in all areas of the body, especially those where stress accumulates. The strength of this alternative therapy lies in the hydration, detoxification, nutrition and revitalization of the skin, thus stimulating the senses thanks to its pleasant aroma and the delicious sensation that coconut oil produces during the session.

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If you want to take one of our services, you just have to contact us through our contact us section, which you can find at the bottom of the page, or when choosing the "Reserve" button, as well as in any of our social networks.

Once in the contact section, you only have to provide the information that is requested, if you wish you can also send us a message to let us know your doubts. At the end, you just have to send us the information and we will contact you.

Once your information has been sent, we will contact you to schedule the appointment, agree on the day, time and service you require, when the day of the reservation you just have to go to our spa to carry out our treatment.

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